1 months old baby

Question: My baby is two weeks old. I found a white pimple in her abdomen with red surrounding.is this abnormal?

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Answer: It may b some bed bug bite. Do not touch it again n again. Keep ur bed or the place where baby sleeps very clean. If pimple and redness doesn't go automatically in 2-3 days visit doctor for consultation.
Answer: Yes... Some baby may have red some may have white. It will be ok very soon
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Question: My baby is one month old..her body has been red pimple in whole body wat can be d reason
Answer: Hi dear, Ye ,neonatal acne hai.jo maximum babies ko hota hai.kyunki unki skin sensitive Hoti hai,is type ke rashes Nikal aate hai.notjing to worry,ye ek hafte me chale jayenge.uspe Kuch na lagaye,na soap ,na lotion,na powder.sirf saaf Pani se dhoye.
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Question: I have 17 days baby boy her face may red red small pimples and 2 white pimple
Answer: It is usually seen in newborn baby it is called as baby Rash or erythema toxicum in doctors language No need to worry about this it settles on its own usually Try to maintain the cleanliness, don't touch baby with dirty hands, every time you change the diaper make sure to clean your hands before touching the baby Stop oil massage for few days if it is not settling within 15 days you can talk to a doctor he will give you some lotion to apply
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Question: White curd like discharge with no odour at 14 weeks . Is this normal or abnormal?
Answer: Hi,yes it is called leuckhoreea and is normal.notbinh to worry.jusy maintain a good hygeine to avoid any infection
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