3 years old baby

Question: My baby is two & half year old she is not eating egg white and meat

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Answer: Hi dear z don't pressurise ur baby. Do give egg muffins and u can give meat keema by adding in some kofta or daal. But again i will suggest not to pressure to ake ur baby eat the same. Do give whatever ur baby like. U can give curd paneer brocolli spinach and other vegetable and fruits . U can also give dry fruits to ur baby now. Even vegetarian food also have enough of neutrition.
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Question: Hii ... My baby girl is 1 and half year old. She does not like eating boiled egg.. plz mention how to make her eat boiled egg??
Answer: Hii deae u can make boiled egg bhurji for ur baby. Dats is also a good option to change the taste of baby. Even my baby don't want to eat boiled once but he do enjoy omlete. U can add vegetables also in omlete to Increase it's nutritional value. Also u can make whole wheat aata muffins by adding egg. Don't stress if baby is not liking the taste of boiled once. Our motto should be there to provide egg with other way also.
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Question: My baby allways. Drinking my milk she is not eating food she is 1 year two months old
Answer: Hii dear for making us baby eat solids u need to stop giving ur milk. Then only baby will eat other tjings. Do introduce semi solid foods. U ca. Give more of milk based porridge if baby like that. But ur main motto should be reduce the breastmilk. When baby will be hungry , he will eat the food made by u. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Hai. My baby is 1 year 6 months old. She is not eating egg.
Answer: Will try to serve in a different way. They have their likings can just cook differently and try
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