3 months old baby

Question: My baby is three months old 4 days to begin 4th month...she is having folds in legs n thighs when the folds will go off..it will be any growth problem

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Answer: Once start walking or doing stretch
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Question: My baby is 5 days old, 10 mins after feeding she getting hicoughs... It will not go, if she cries vigorously then problem will go off... Is there any problem? Solutions plz
Answer: Hi! Hiccups are very common in young babies. It happens for feeding too fast, over feeding which causes the stomach distended and too full too soon hence hiccups. Try to feed slowly and burp the baby well. Dont worry its a common issue and will be gone in few months. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is having dandruf kind of stuffs in head from three days. How it will go? Is it normal? She is 41 daya old.
Answer: Yes its normal . It is called craddle cap. All u need to do is apply cocunut oil and then with soft baby hair brush comb it off.. do not try to pull .. only remove the ones that are in hair
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Question: My baby lip tie ,?will go off?is it any problem
Answer: Hi dear! Lip tie can resolve on its own but when it doesnt it needs a small surgical procedure to free the tie, there is no major operation or anything is involved rather its fr the best interest fr the baby, Its a band of tissues at the bottom of tip of the tongue.. But how did you come to know abt it? is it through a Lactation consultant? It's basically a laser surgery under local anaesthesia. It is not supposed to pain.. Exercises are recommended, but if it has been diagnosed sooner the better becz it affects breastfeeding a lot.. Hope this helps!
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