6 months old baby

Question: My baby is teething and is very irritable. What should i do to calm him down?

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Answer: Hi dear this is very progressive stage for them happy his bunny teeth are out soon. You can give him a sliced carrot he can hold it fr a few hours and can bite it whenever he tend to. There are some teething toys available in shops you can also get those but make sure it is bpa free. In bakerkiers thare is one particular biscuit with omam get that it will look like chalk piece that we will give at the time of teething. And ot is very good for digestion also.
Answer: Give her peeled carrot,ya fir honey b rub kar skte ho gum pe,ab summers aane wali hai toh kuch thandi fruit lolly bna k de sakte jo usko soothing lagega,honey should be of v good quality which should not have any bacteria in it
Answer: Try using teether.. but clean it well before giviyit your baby.. and also keep it in the freezer before giving it to him or her. The chillness will give the baby a great feeling
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Question: My baby cries because of colic ..what should I do to calm him ?
Answer: Give him colic drops it will cure gas problems. Also giving once in a week on regular basis is good for colic and digestion problems
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Question: My baby is 3.5 months and put both his hands in mouth and sounds very iritated. Is he getting into teething ? What should I do to calm him
Answer: It's not because of teething. He loves to do it. Just give some toys to play. Whenever he puts his fingers in mouth, you remove it. One last thing make sure your baby is not hungry whenever he keeps hand in mouth.
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Question: hi my baby has vaccinated today what should i do for calm down him . can i apply pain ointment
Answer: No no. Baby will be cranky a day. If baby having fever give the medication prescribed by the pediatrician and you can apply ice pack if too much pain and baby not calming at all
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