25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby is super active today..most of the time baby is kicking and i can feel it..someday there is very less movement..is it normal??i m worried about it

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Answer: Its totally normally, no need to worry, even baby have lazy days....if u dont notice any kicks or hiccups for more than a 18.20 hrs then u need to check with ur doc or midwife
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Question: Someday i fill very less baby movement is it normal
Answer: Hi deae baby is also like us. Sometimes baby must be tired , lasy, active excited sleepy happy. So all these feels reflect baby movement. Make sure there mush to 10 movement in 2 hours and that is enough.
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Question: Why baby is less active today.... Till yesterday baby is very actively kicking me today i feel only less movements
Answer: Movement can slow down due to gas Or as you get closer to your due date. Or baby sleeps in womb most of time. It should not be less than 6 to 7 kicks in a day. A total lack of movement, however, is a cause for concern, If you haven't felt much in the way of kicking for about an hour, no need to call right away. Instead, drink a glass of fruit juice (the sugar in juice will make your baby's blood-sugar levels jump, increasing the chances that he'll start kicking), then lie on your left side in a quiet room for half an hour. "If you don't count three to four movements within that time frame, give your doctor a call," 
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Question: I m 23 weeks pregnant...my baby is super active...i feel all the day babys movement..but from last 2 days baby is less active...i m so worried..is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear, Baby movements can vary person to person.usually post 25th week baby movements can be felt.though if the placenta is anterior,you could feel much less,as it comes in between baby and stomach.babies starts setting patterns now.some baby is active during night while some are active during day.not to worry though.any diviation for 3-4 days should be reported.
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