9 months old baby

Question: My baby is suffering motion last 22days.dr said his digestion system become slow bcoz of infection.so what can i do.my baby is only on milklast 22 days.how can i boost his digestion sysytem

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Answer: You should give rice gruel and sabudana water to baby , it will help in curing loose motion. Also try giving light meals such as khichdi z Dalia , oats with very liquid consistency.
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Question: My baby is suffering with motions last 22days.dr told that his digestion system was weak bcoz of infection.so dnt give any thing.only give milk.what can o do for boost my baby digestion system.
Answer: first of all if you babies immunity is low then you should start supplement by Consulting your doctor and also food rich with vitamin C and e are really good for boosting immunity such as in lemon Malta mosambi orange etc should be given in juice form .. and for loose motion you should give Rice Water or sabudana water for to your baby.
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Question: Baby suffering from cought n loose motion plz give me home remedies n my baby not taking bm he is completely on fm from his first month.so can I give basil leaves drops n honey for improving his immuny system
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry here I'm giving u some remedies-give adequate water to ur baby,ur baby nose must be sucked out to clear out the mucus,use saline drops,u can also use turmeric mix it with warm water and massage it in baby's forehead,chest and on feet.Mustard oil massage can also help.Hope this will help,Thank you.
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Question: My baby is 5 months 14 days old he has loose motion from 10 days doctors said baby digestion system is weak so i m very upset.
Answer: Have healthy food and stay positive!! Everything will be alright
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