4 months old baby

Question: My baby is suffering from pneumonia what should i do

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Answer: Hello dear. Please take your little one to a pediatrician immediately. There would be no home remedies for pneumonia. Take care.
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    Zakeera Firdose608 days ago

    Consult doctor immediately. Dont give dairy products like milk, ghee,biscuits etc..

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Question: My daughter is one year. She is suffering from pneumonia what should i do for her fast recovery
Answer: Let your baby recover from the disease. If you had already completed antibiotic courses if. Not the please see paediatrician immediately. Keep your home well ventilated. Keep away the baby from dust and smoke. Give water to your baby mire than 30 ml in one time give 6-7 tines a day. Give ORS or enerzal to help rewniah minerals. Also maintain healthy diet. Give finger honey daily for imu ury and also lemon water 20 ml every day. Avoid deep fried oily foods. Continue cough syrups for two more weeks.
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Question: My baby is suffering from pneumonia. I am so worried about her. What can I do ?
Answer: Hi dear. dear most type of pneumonia is secured within one to two weeks but there are some types which can also take from 4 to 6 weeks . it should be treated medically as proper treatment is required. Curing pneumonia needs plenty of rest and lots of fluids, feed your baby more often, give her more water to drink, let your baby take some rest, don't allow everyone to visit baby's room as constant disturbance can make her more uncomfortable. Keep her medicine regular.
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Question: My baby is suffering from pneumonia.
Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is suffering from pneumonia then u can give ur baby steam nebulization. Consult ur doctor as cough can cause severe problem and thus antibiotics is needed.
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