8 months old baby

Question: My baby is suffering from constipation. As per Dr's suggestions I have started lactose. SOMETIMES HE PASSES STOOL TWICE A DAY AND SOMTIME HARD STOOL AFTER 2 DAYS. I have started to give him solid food and Prune juice. What food to avoid during constipation.? How to make him confortabl for normal poop

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Answer: Lactose was given to my baby at 4th month for a week. Dr says baby should not be habitual of it
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Question: My baby passes hard stool everyday, what should i give him to relieve him from constipation
Answer: Dear you can give raisin water to your baby. Use Raisins soaked in water overnight. Mash it in the morning. Filter ang give the juice.works like a charm.Another easy way that my paedetrician showed was make the baby lie on her stomach on a hard surface (table top in my paed's case). Hold her like that for few minutes. Light pressure on the back. That will help.
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Question: My baby is 6months old,she started solid food rice cerelac ,she has a tight hard poop constipation please tell me home remedies what to loose a stool
Answer: Try to give apple with skin, give prunes puree, give raisins overnight soaked and smashed in the morning. Also make the baby sit in the warm water for some time. This will help.
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Question: Hello I have started solid food to my baby..but he did not digest becoz whenever i give him solid food he after one hour...he poop....what should i do...it is not normal becoz whenever i give him...he poop...if i give him twice a time ..he poop after eating solid food....what should i do....plz reply
Answer: hi friends start slowly by slowly don't give too much food to your baby just start with banana or apple only until one week then start with other food. Take care
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