5 months old baby

Question: My baby is pooling her left ear .. what it means?

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Answer: See weather he has ear pain...const ur doctor
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Question: My baby is IUGR and she is 11days today. Born at 33weeks. Her right ear is not fully formed and is folded and red in colour. Left ear is normal. Will her right ear become normal as the left ear?
Answer: If there is ear canal n internal ear developed then dont worry much.. doc will perform surgery to unfold her ear at right age..my sis son also has same prb. Born at 28 weeks his internal.ear is fully formdd n outer ear is folded doc suggestes silicon ear transplant at right age n time
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Question: Why My baby has foul smell in her left ear?
Answer: It may be due to an infection in the ear. Check his ear or take him to the doctor.
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Question: my daughter keeps scratching her left ear.
Answer: If while scratching she seems cranky or irritated then that is a serious concern..u need to check with the doctor for ear infection.. If she is doing it just in play..then its absolutely normal..babies do follow some action repeatedly
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