13 months old baby

Question: My baby is one year one month completed but still her weight is 7.2kg how to increase my baby weight

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Answer: Hi... don't worry dear...U can add ghee to ur baby's daily diet. If you are giving khichdi or daal or sabzi make sure to add a tablespoon of ghee to everything. I used to even cook food in desi ghee for my baby. Hope it helps
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Question: My baby is one month old but her weight is still 2.700kg what to do increase her weight
Answer: For babies to put on weight three things are necessary Full feed Sound sleep Exercise Three are related to each other Give baby good oil massage leave on mat for one hour baby plays oil absorbs give bath feeding baby sleeps After baby gets up again feeding leave on mat baby plays hunger and sleep will come Again repeat same feeding sleep Two times bath with sufficient quantity of warm water is necessary for their growth Mother feed is best for babies it helps in growth faster Take care
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Question: My baby has completed one year and her weight is 8.5kg.please tell me how to increase her weight and she is not that much foodie like other child.
Answer: If she has tripled her weight by 1 year thn it's good. Dont worry. Let her decide how much she wants to eat. Dont force her. U cn add ghee, egg, n other recommendations others will give if u want but dont worry about her weight. No no distractions while eating esp TV or iPad etc. Let her interact with th food she's eating.
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Question: My baby birth weight is 3kgnd now one year 3weeks completed now baby ka weight 7.2kg so thin how to increase weight of my baby
Answer: Hello dear....To increase weight of baby Try this food ...My ped suggested this to my kid and touchwood she gained well after starting it. Start giving him home made besan laddu with grinded nuts and desi ghee it is a complete nutrition loaded with carb, fat and protein it will surely help. Happy feeding
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