1 months old baby

Question: My baby is one month old he is getting yellow fulid types from his eyes when he wake up.whats the reason.

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Answer: Ur baby's body is heat.. u should take care of ur foods.. don't eat anything hot.. cool and eat or drink anything.. add more cooling items in ur food., But be careful because if u eat more cooling items there are chances to get cold.. so reduce spice and hot foods
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    meesala sravanthi426 days ago

    Can i have coconut water now its only 1 month

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Question: My baby is 12 days old.. His both eyes is getting too sticky.. Excessive dirt is coming from his eyes.. Please may I know the reason & cure...??
Answer: hi dear it is normal for a few weeks baby to have this kind of eye problem it can be due to the excessive heat. Wipe the babies eyes with white cloth at regular intervals it will reduce the stickiness of eyes but if it is still continuing it is good to consult doctor and get proper medication. take care dear
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Question: Hi.. my baby has one week old. His eyes are yellow wat is that reason..
Answer: May be a jaundice. But it is more common in newborns nothing to worry. And it goes in two weeks. Even though expose him in early morning sunlight and give him vitamin d3 drops as advisable by doctor. It will cure soon dont worry
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Question: My baby is getting water in his eyes.... What is the reason.. Only from left eye....
Answer: Hi dear don't worry this is just the development of deers that begins near about 3 months hope this helps take care
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