1 months old baby

Question: My baby is one month old and she is passing poop atleast 15 times every day since day 3rd. What to do for it. Can anyone help me. I am literally worried for it.

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Answer: Hi dear.. It is normal for babies.. Nothing to worry
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    Anonymous797 days ago

    Ok ok thank you.. when will it stop

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Question: my daughter is 27 days old...her poop is watery and she is crying alot....passing stool thrice or four times a day..what to do????please help
Answer: Its normal for newborn to pass frequent watery poops. Newborn intestines do not absorb feed very well sometime and much of it is excreted into stool. newborns cry when they poop and pee dont worry.
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Question: My one month old baby is crying and straining while passing poop, and she is not passing poop properly, may be once in a day, is that normal?? How many times a one month baby can pass poop?? What to do if she dont pass poop?? since 1 wk she is splitting after having milk (vomiting),
Answer: Hi Babies can poop as often as after feed or go without poop for 4 consecutive days All of which is common in breastfeed babies so don't worry Just ensure your Baby is feeding well  If your baby goes without poop more than 4 days then consult your pediatrician regarding same However massage your baby 2-3 times a day especially the stomach area it would help babys pass gas as well as with bowel movement If your baby is in pain or has a hard stomach and none of the above help Ask your pediatrician about using an over-the-counter stool softener to make it more comfortable for your baby to have a bowel movement, but never give her a laxative without her doctor's approval Take care of your self and baby .
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Question: My 1 month old baby is passing oily and greesy poop since a week.. can any one help
Answer: Hi dear, exclusive breastfeeding baby can do different type of poop.Consistency of stools at this age may vary daily. As long as its soft and formed without bad smell,relax. If your baby is getting fore milk compared to hindmilk it can cause greasy & foamy stool. your first liquid milk is your foremilk and after sucking for few time that thick milk is hindmilk . Fore milk contains high amount of lactose. if your baby is not able to digest the entire lactose It can cause such stool. you should inform your padeatric about this in next visit.
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