1 months old baby

Question: My baby is one month old. She sleeps for the day and used to awake whole night. How can I change this schedule?

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Answer: Hi dear congratulations and welcome to the real Motherhood because night time sleep is going to be on toss for some months for you both rather all three of you because the baby is sleeping pattern do take a lot of time to get settled few babies are good sleepers from the beginning and they sleep well at night but there are few babies to sleep throughout the day and wakes up at night it is difficult and very tough for the new mother to handle the situation but I would suggest you to take a nap when your baby naps because now you cannot change the schedule your baby has of waking up at night or waking throughout the night it will settle down after 3 months when the baby crosses 3 months of its age 10 only it is going to settle down but for the time being it is going to be very tough and difficult and unfortunately there is nothing you can do to make the baby sleep other than feeding the baby well swelling in your arm because babies need warmth and rock the baby these are the few things that you can try .. Hope you find this helpful.
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Question: My baby sleeps whole day and awake whole night please tell me how can i change schedule of my baby
Answer: Dear Mom, Let baby be awake.in the.morning for a day... Keep the baby active and play with the baby... For one day baby will be cranky but the scheduled will be set right from second day...
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Question: Hi my baby is 45 days old.... It sleeps through out the day and almost awake the whole night... How do i change this pattern
Answer: Hello! It is common in newborns. They are not able to distinguish between day and night before the age of 3 months. So, once your baby turns 3 months, you can start with the sleep training.
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Question: My baby is 3 months old but still doesn't have any sleep schedule. She sleeps whole day and wake up whole night. How to change this
Answer: Hehehe that's very much normal my dear baby can take upt 6 months to have a sleep at night. Nothing can be done it it.. so it's better to sleep whenever baby is sleeping..
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