6 months old baby

Question: My baby is on formula feed nd bf.. past two days he is spiting after every feed.. he do dis if he burps also.. bit worried.. momies pls help

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Question: My son spits out milk after every feed even if he burps....what shall I do??? Pls suggest...
Answer: Are u breast feeding or giving bottle? If giving bottle reduce the quantity at a time.. U should consult ur doctor he may suggest u some drops to deal with this
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Question: My baby is one month old. He is 80% on formula feed (Dexolac) and remaining on breastfeed. He pass stool in every two days and stool is bit hard. Please help.
Answer: Hi ma...i don't know why u are giving formula milk now itself ? Atleast till 6months u can feed,in case of low secretions or other medications u can consult with ur doctor and feed for atleast 3months..becoz ur feeding implicts on baby's health and nourishment...anyway for pooping till 6months ie. until they start to have semi solid foods it's common only...either watery,solid,changed colour,frequency,timings everything will be okay only..since they are only on liquid feedding it's common and note when they are subjected to semi solid and solid foods...till then u can hydrate urself more and feed him...drink plenty of water and fresh juices,fibrous foods and fruits like dates,watermelon,lemon,cucumber,carrots,spinach etc...take care ,eat well and feed well.
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Question: my babyis 3 months..he isnt feeding as usual..n after every feed he burps with a vomit...wt do i do? pls help
Answer: Everytime after u feed him place him resing on your shoulder facing u... His face shoulf rest on your shoulder... Dap his back gently for few minutes... If he vomit everything then see your pediatrician.... If thee is small amount of spit out thats fine babies do that untill they get their digestion process properly...
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