4 months old baby

Question: My baby is on formula as initially I didn't get milk.. Now she is not latching bciz she has a habit of bottle.. Can I wean formula at four month and can have milk supply like bottle feed? Hardly getting drops while pumping from breast

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Answer: Hello Try to latch as frequent as you can she will get used to it.latching is an inborn instinct babies get from their birth.usually after latching ur baby gets enough supply as latching stimulates and sends message to brain to sufficiently feed ur baby.breast milk is the best food u can give to ur food.if u cant make it to the baby u can use formula feed as well
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Question: My baby is nt getting enough breast milk.. so i feed her formula via bottle.. so she s not at latching to my breast. Plz suggest ways to make her forget bottle and latch to the breast as my supply is lilttle better
Answer: How can I tell if my baby is getting enough milk? If you notice these signs, your baby should be getting enough milk: Your baby is feeding at least six to eight times a day . Breastfeeding feels comfortable and you are free of pain in your breast and nipple after the first few sucks, once your milk has let down . Your breasts feel softer and less full after feeds. Your nipple looks the same shape as when the feed began, or is slightly elongated . Your baby looks a healthy colour, and has firm skin that bounces right back if you pinch it gently. Your baby is alert when he is awake, and readily asks for feeds. Your baby is wetting two or three wet nappiesin the first 48 hours, which becomes more frequent. Once he's over five days old, he should have at least six wet nappies every 24 hours. Your baby's wee should be pale and odourless . You can see your baby swallow while he is feeding, and he seems to be latched on properly. You'll be able to hear him swallowing more clearly too, once your milk has come in. Your baby changes rhythm while sucking, and pauses during feeds. He should start feeding again when he's ready, and come off your breast spontaneously when he's finished. Your baby’s poos are a yellowy-mustard colour by the time he’s five days old .
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Question: Hi doctor, can i mix breast milk and formula milk,because my baby doesnot like taste of breast milk....she dont drink breast milk in bottle....but drink when i mix both and feed she takes only while sleeping
Answer: No it will react pls feed breastmilk after 30 min feed from formula milk or vice-versa
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Question: Can i feed my newborn through bottle as my breast milk supply is low I'm feeding formula milk after every breast feeding. Can i use feeding bottle for that? Dr is suggesring to use spoon feeding instead of feeding bottle.
Answer: Yes dear Always start bottle feeding to ur baby after 3 months because if u start early then ur baby will stop taking breastfeeding. Also use best and branded bottle for ur baby which should be BPA free.
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Question: Can i feed my baby both on breast milk n formula milk as i am not getting enough breast milk
Answer: Try to give more breastmilk dear keep breastfeeding your baby. The more you feed your body your body will produce more milk. Eat spinach curd milk carrots fish dry fruits oats, popy seads, garlic which helps in increasing breastmilk. Drink lots of water which helps in producing breastmilk dear. Keep breastfeeding your baby .
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