5 months old baby

Question: My baby is on exclusively breastfed and passing watery or pasty type stool similar to diarrhea in addition to this he is passing stool after every feed . Is it normal?

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Answer: As long as you're exclusively breastfeeding, anything with the baby is normal. Passing stool depends on how the baby's digestive system is developing. There's nothing to worry.
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Question: My 8 months old baby's poop is light yellow and frothy .is it normal?he is passing poop after every feed,he is on solid and breastfed
Answer: Hi dear, passing yellow poop is absolutely normal but frothy indicates acidity. Passing motion after every feed indicates that your baby is getting enough food but as it is frothy it means either your baby is unable digest milk products or you introduce some new food which your baby can digest. So you have to keep check on your babies recent diet. If needed consult doctor too. Hope It helps.
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Question: My baby is passing watery stool on and off wenever he is awake..is this normal?
Answer: Hi may be baby is having indigestion and it is due to sudden changes in your diet so you should maintain your diet well eat healthy and nutritious diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and feed baby every two hourly so it will help baby to stay hydrated. Take care
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Question: My baby boy is 19 days old. He is passing watery stool after every feed. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear As small babies immune system is not developed fully so they are facing many stomach problems. U can try following remedies for loose motions : 1. Give ORS to the baby at regular intervals to keep dehydration 2. Breastfeed ur baby as much as possible.
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