3 months old baby

Question: My baby is on brestfeed when he wake up don't drink milk... And in he slept drinks well wt to do

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Answer: Some babies are like tiis dear when they are active they play and concentrate on other things rather feedi g but if they sleep they ll feed properly so it is common among babies you no need to worry just make sure that he drinks when he sleeps because some babies they just do 2 or 3 sucking and again fall slepp we nesd to cuddle them up. So make sire his tummy become full.
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Question: Hi .my baby don't drink milk.he only takes my brestfeed.what i do then he drinks milk
Answer: Babies love to have only breast milk But keep trying 1.porridge of oats 2.kichidi 3.idli 4.fruits 5.boiled vegetables 6.egg Almost all food we elders eat start introducing if he does not show interest add little cumin and coriander powder to the curry they may like it try home made pastas bread items soups etc Do not feed at least one hour before food Give food at particular timings
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Question: Hi... My baby is 66 days old... He drinks milk properly during day times but night he sleeps around 9.30 and wakes up around 3 drink milk n sleep again.... He crys if I try to wake him up and drink milk nd doesn't sleep also..... Is it OK for him to drink milk just 1ce at night... Hw drinks milk again at sharp 6 and drink milk.... What should I do? Should wake him up n feed or shld I wait till he wakes up?
Answer: You should not wait until he wakes up for feeding... Feed him every 2.5 hrs atleast. If he is sleeping, tickle him at his feet or give gentle strokes on his cheek... Some babies recognize milk by smell and feed them self even in sleep...
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Question: My baby constantly waking up at night......and when he wake up, he have milk only for 2 minutes and sleep....again he wake up after 45 min?? Wat to do
Answer: It is normal in babies.. When they grow they will sleep more
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