1 months old baby

Question: My baby is of 33 days temperature is very hot baby looks like his lips are getting dry everytime can we give some hot water drops to him

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Answer: Hi this may be due to the low water level . Ues you can give very little amoint of highly boiled water . But make sure one month baby gwt everything from his mother ao you have to take care . You need to drink plenty of water and Keep yourself healthy. Take more fruits and vegetabls. Kindly look that your baby feed every one hour. Amd wear him cotton dress . Dont put him all day in matteress make him lir down in cotton towel .
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Question: My baby is 4months 5days old. As its hot weather, his lips seem quite dry. when can i start giving water to him?
Answer: Babies need extra water once they start taking solids, to digest it that 3-4 sips At this age there water requirement is met by BM/FM ,they don't need extra water in hot weather just feed her on time Both breastmilk and formula have adequate water proportion in them Giving extra water might fill his stomach and he may not drink milk which has more nutrition and water has none.
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Question: My baby is 9 month old his lips are very dry and cracks are found even sometimes blood comes out of lips what can be don to moisten
Answer: Dry lips in newborns and infants is a common problem. But extreme chapped lips require medical attention. 1. Keep track of how much and how often your baby is feeding. Dehydration can cause chapped lips in newborns. Check if the baby is having wet nappies, a good sign that the baby is well hydrated. 2. Use a clean cotton swab to apply a small amount of olive oil to your newborn's chapped lips just before bed. 3. Leaving a small amount of breast milk on your baby's lips after nursing is a great way. 4.Keeping the lips covered while the baby is outside to keep the wind from hitting them. Wind constantly hitting the baby's lips can cause drying, which leads to cracking and chapped lips. Holding the baby inwards and facing away from the wind also prevents wind from hitting them.
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Question: Hi. My baby is 4 months 20 days old. His lips and throat are getting dry due to the weather. Should i fed him little bit boiled water.
Answer: Hello, boiled water is not required to be given at this stage because that baby is having breast milk or formula milk and it helps to provide with the required water that the baby needs so don't worry . you should continue to feed a baby at regular intervals which will help
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