2 months old baby

Question: My baby is of 2 months and 10 days. I delivered normally. My bleeding stopped after 27 days of child birth. But, after my bleeding stopped, I got my periods thrice for 5-5 days. Why is this happening?

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Question: It's been 2 months I have been delivered my second child thru c section. Post delivery my bleeding stopped after 3weeks since then n after every 15 days m having bleeding. why it is happening?
Answer: Hi,Dear Congratulations for your arrival of baby,Our body goes to so many changes during pregnancy and after delivery hormonal changes too take place ,I guess you have started periods,and first time periods are heavy don't worry take care.
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Question: I got my period after 45 days of child birth is it normal but only less bleeding
Answer: This is delivery bleeding, not regular period, after 6 months u will get normal period, for what happening now, that is normal, dont bother about that, give more nutrion breastfeeding for ur baby wellness, enjoy ur motherhood, good luck
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Question: After 3 months of c sec today i got light bleeding like 5 dropsis it normal i have got this light bleeding thrice till now after 2 months
Answer: Hi dear yes this happens even happen with me especially when I would do any trainer jobs such like climbing stairs at three months after cesarean section
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