4 months old baby

Question: My baby is now three mnth old.. Urination is correct but poop is not going everyday..why

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Answer: No worries breast feed babies can go for about a week with out pooping,if your more worried Give a tummy massage with warm oil in circular direction and let your baby do some cycling exercises,as your baby is already 4 months encourage some tummy time
Answer: This is common dear..and it will get resolved on its own by the time your baby starts solid food.... however if your baby has pain or loss of appetite due to not pooping then please consult with your pediatrician dear..
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Question: My baby is 7 mnth old and doing dark green poop everyday is it normal??
Answer: Hi! Nothing to worry about, its common in babies. You only worry when the poop is black, white or red, Or there is no poop even after 10 days. If the frequency of green potty in a day increases or even if loosies are occuring, then chances of stomach infection can be there. My paed said that since everything goes into baby's mouth, sometimes green potty occurs. However please check the following; If any new food is introduced which is green. If baby has cold? If baby is on Iron drops The green can be due to the iron content of the formula milk you are offering. Hind milk and fore milk imbalance- please ensure to feed the baby from both the breasts to avoid the imbalance. Infection which can cause from the bottle or nipple if not washed properly. Please see a Doctor if baby shows discomfort. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 5month old but she is not going poop daily wat to do????
Answer: Hello dear. Your baby at this stage begin to have fewer bowel movements and it is common for breast fed babies to go a day without passing stools. The frequency of your babies bowel movements shouldn't be a particular cause for concern unless there is no movement for 4 - 5 days or if baby seems to be in pain. You should check consistency of the stools rather than frequency, as solid, pellet like poos may indicate constipation. Take care.
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Question: My baby is not poop everyday
Answer: Don't worry its absolutely normal. My kiddie experienced the same and my doc said upto 3months 5-10 times potty a day or sometimes no potty for 5 days is normal.also the infants system produces a lot of gas it is not because of your food,please eat healthy as the kid need all the nutrition.
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