7 months old baby

Question: My baby is now 7month old but still she is not crawling what should I do?

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Answer: Hi sis. Most babies learn to crawl between the ages of 7 months and 10 months. Each baby would be different and might opt for different type of movements like: scooting around on the bottom and so on.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old now. But still she is not crawling. She rolling fastly. But not crawling.
Answer: So crawling ,,,is actually not a mandatory milestone to acheive.many babies skip crawling and directly stand up.my baby strangely stented occasional crawling after standing.so babies are different and grow in their own pace.have some patience and trust your baby.give some tummy time to your baby which might encourage her to move around.....
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Question: My son is 14 months old now but he us still crawling and not walking independently. What should I do?
Answer: Hi dear. first of all you will have to understand that a crawling is not even a milestone , so many babies don't even crawl and start walking directly. If your baby try to stand or you feel that he have good control over body then you should encourage your baby to walk. Hold his both hands and make her do practice of walking. Your bbay is just 14 months there are so many babies who start walking in 16, 17 and even 18 months. So don't worry . Let him take his time.
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Question: my baby is now becoming 10 months old but she has not started crawling yet..she sits but not more than 5 minz individually..what should I do??
Answer: dont worry dear some babies can skip crawling and directly learn to stand but still if u have any doubt u can concern your pediac.... be positive always
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