7 months old baby

Question: My baby is not sleeping well in a day and night also not having sound sleep.if He sleep also within an hour he jst wakeup.. what to do for baby have sound sleep.. And not feed also..give some home remedy tip for hungrynss to baby..

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Answer: Hi dear baby now should be feed well with solid food now. Baby will.not be satisfied with milk anymore. And for sound sleep do make sure ti give heavy food . Also do massage ur baby and give a warm bath before sleeping time to give more comfortable feel. Keep baby room dim light and keep all baby toys always from him. In the evening don't let ur baby sleep and make him play sontha baBy will get tired
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    parvinsultan kudari832 days ago


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Question: Hello madam, my baby not sleeping at nyt tym.. He used to wake-up continuously at least for an hour.. I used to breast feed him while sleeping and he ll sleep and get up again in an hour
Answer: Hii dear it is quite common for baby to wake up many times at night and then sleep. Infact some of the time baby do wake up after every 1 hour and then sleep till the age of 6 months or in some cases more but in some cases baby dont sleep so do check the various reasons as why baby don't sleep and how u can try different ways to amend it.  1) lack of nutritional food can led baby to have sleep deprived. Hunger can cause a frequent wake up. so u should try to improve the diet chart. 2) this reason could be due to bruised and bumps which baby got in day time. In day baby do forget the pain while playing but pain get increase when baby is in resting mode. So give treatment or if needed do give pain killer before sleeping 3) stomach pain due to gas could be the reason so always burp baby before sleeping.  4) reflux could be the reason n for dis u need to get the medicine.  5) noisy and uncomfortable atmosphere can majorly affect baby sleeping. So keep surrounding quite and comfortable. 6) teething could be the another reason  7) irregular pattern of sleeping is also a big reason. So u need to set a schedule for ur baby. Try to reduce the nap time of ur baby and make a sleeping schedule. Always give dinner on time and make baby wear night clothes to intimate that not it's their sleeping time. 8) infection like common cold and cough could be the frequent reason as baby immunity system is very weak.a also diarrhea fever can affect ur baby. 
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Question: Hi my 5 months old baby not sleeping well day and night. Please give some remedies for baby good sleep
Answer: Hi.. Ap apke bache ki achi nind k liye usse rojana subah sham maalis kre with sasro ka tel which is full of lasoon tulsi ajwain nd in sabko pish k tel ko grm k halka sa or fir bache ki malis kr k usse nehla kr dupatta bandh kr feed krvao vo so hi jayega nd ratko sone se pehle spunch kr k dabur lal tel halka pure sareer pr rub kr k malis kre bache sukun bhari nind milegi.. Hope its helpful to u
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Question: Baby not sleeping well ? Every night baby sleep upto 12.30 after every one hour getup and start crying please give me tip to sleep well....
Answer: Before going for bed u can give some massage for your baby ...lags, hand ,head, and give breastmilk in every two three hours, it's very help for me to my baby...you can do like this one week , then see u r baby walk-up only one time or two time..
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