12 months old baby

Question: My baby is not sleeping more than 15-20mins after taking meal or else.. He just wants to play.. Everytime.. And than he becomes restless.. Pls suggest what to do...

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Answer: Hello... Dear usually babies won't sleep much, you can give bath before feed will help in getting sleep and allow baby to play well, so that they will get tired and sleep well Play a soft music to baby during sleep will help in getting sleeo
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Question: how to improve my baby's diet? he is not taking his meal properly.. uff... just worrying what to do?
Answer: You can offer your kids different kinds of foods such as 1.Home made Vegetable soup Boil any vegetable or all with tomato grind to paste add water corn flour one spoon mixed with water paste salt jaggery pepper powder garnish with rusk peices 2.Home made wheat flour pizza Roll what dough into flat apply tomato sauce place veggies of your choice sprinkle salt put cheese and you can bake in cooker 3.Home made wheat pasta Boil pasta with water and salt rest prepare vegetables like soup but don't add water in pan add butter add vegetable cooked pasta mix and garnish with coriander 4.Burgers Grate all vegetables like onion carrot cabbage capsicum onion tomato fry in a pan using butter add tomato sauce coriander powder salt fry bun put this curry and serve You can try all kinds of foods home made with wheat replacement such as cookies Give good amount of fruits dry fruits Ragi malt is very good for haemoglobin and immunity development You can give it in form of porridge or ragi ball Try different kinds of foods so you understand what they like to eat
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Question: my baby always keep finger in mouth and he wants to play with sticks what should i do and one more thing he is just 6 months
Answer: Hi,this is out of habbit better don't let the baby put the finger in the mouth else it will be difficult to her our if the habbit. Don't.let the baby lay with things which can be dangling or harmful
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Question: Hi.. my 5 months old baby dont poop regularly or atleast alternative days.. he does always a week after... Intially wheb he was born he had no problem.. was passing every day.. now just after 2 months he has this problem... Then in 6 th day he becomes more restless , crying and drink my milk... Pls suggest what to do
Answer: As long as he is active then why u need to think of weight loss.
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