8 months old baby

Question: My baby is not having sound sleep at night.. What can be the reason.. Always crying.. Will sleep wen breast fed.. But wen put on bed will wake up and cry

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Question: My baby is waking up hourly at night. Why? Sleeps at my arms and as i put him on bed starts to cry. What would be the reason?
Answer: Hi! Its absolutely normal fr a baby of only 7 months to do that becz they sleep on your smell and touch they feel comfortable and can sleep well, my 2.8 yr does the same since her birth, thr is no specific reason neither its abmormal, its very normal.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is frequently wake up at night in sleep what could be the reason. She sleeps during the day no. Problem but at night at particular time she frequently wake up pls help
Answer: You are just 7weeks pregnant feeling start at 5 months and symptoms are different from mothers to mothers so don't worry visit gynecologist regularly and take medicines on time :)
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Question: My baby always cry when wake up from sleep whether its day or night....is there any reason for his crying ?? ...how can i help my baby for wake up with his cute smile??
Answer: It's normal. Don't worry on that and don't take stress If my answer was helpful then give thumbsup
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