8 months old baby

Question: My baby is not having any solid foods...its been now more than 20 days....i tried different porridges?? He start to cry whenever we give...but he drink water...what to do please help

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Answer: Its summer. Do Not panic if he is having lot of water. Well, may be he is bored or he is not liking the taste of any porridge anymore. Try to give him fruits. Cut small pieces of muskmelon, bananas, papaya and try to say some stories or give him some sounds like "zoooòoooo look look its an aeroplane n who's gonna eat this.....ahhh..." and also try ghee dosa (make small pieces and try to feed the baby.. initially they say no but after they get to know the taste they will enjoy) I heard that at this stage, babies start exploring things and hence they also expect more varieties in whatever they do or in whatever they get. Hope your baby will enjoy the food.. take care..
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Question: My son is 20 months old but he dont want to drink milk ( except bm) i tried to give milk in different receipe but he ignore. I m upset now. What milk suppliment can i give to him. Please suggest
Answer: Instead of giving him milk as such you can give him milk mixed with food he eats.. We cannot skip milk for baby as it is very essential for babies..
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Question: I am 16week pregnant now, whenever i drink water feels like vomiting that's why not able to drink more water, please tell me the solution
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Question: My baby doesn't drink water.. I have tried to give her sugar added water but still she doesn't drink it.. I have started her to give food. But after having food she doesn't drink water and also milk.. Please help
Answer: Start giving water with spoon first..my baby is 1 year till now he wont drink water after each food he ll hve breast milk or alternatively i should give him coconut water
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