4 months old baby

Question: My baby is not feeding properly and refuse to take milk for few days.After lots of effort she starts sucking when she is going to sleep.I have itching on my breast and seems like some infection. Pls suggest what to do

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Question: My baby refuse to bottle milk and my breast did not produce the enough milk for breast feeding . Pls ans
Answer: Hi dear..try to have some healthy food and eat lots of roaste cumin seeds so that ur breasts can produce more milk..also if u feed ur baby regularly ur breasts will produce more milk☺️hope dis helps☺️
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Question: My baby refuse to take breast milk. What should i do. She is 9 months old
Answer: Dear, sometimes baby do this type of unexpected thing, The best and most proven way is to start with skin to skin contact, and put the baby to the breast frequently. these will increase the milk producing hormones naturally and encourage baby to suck.  Always ask your pediatrician first. If it is breast milk then it could be something in your diet, which is smelling and that is causing the baby is not taking. Possible answers...allergy to milk,  ear infection. We discovered all  were the cause. Turns out the sucking irratates their ears. So look at signs: fussy, ear pulling or touching. 
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Question: My daughter is 2 months old nd take breast feeding, she passed stool 4days ago and cry when she urinates.
Answer: Some babies cry during urimating nothing to worry, as baby will grow this will ho away. And babies pass stool even after a week and it is considered commom so dont worry. Massage your babies tummg in clock wise direction with luke warm oil.
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