8 months old baby

Question: My baby is not eating anything ...i.e.mashed daal roti ..sabudaana ..plz suggest me what should i do..

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Answer: Give her oats porridge with fruit puree...you can also give her idli, dosa, chapati soaked in dal water or formula milk.. these are a variation in her food and she will definitely like it...
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    Umme Salma412 days ago

    How can i make oats porridge ?? Cau u share recipe with me ??

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Question: My baby is not eating anything..what should I do?
Answer: Hi,Dear babies are moody, every house there is a kid who doesn't eat food u should do lots of work on it like,let play ur baby lot all babies do drama to eat food.Some points that we need to keep in mind.Big task have patience.Try new food always and try to present food in new way like your baby's favourite cartoon or some funny face or in smilies. Always give well cooked food and fresh food. At this stage baby needs 4 to 5 meals ( fruits, milk and snacks included).If your baby is fussy eater then take help of rhymes, music and busy him or her in some activity and make him or her feed food items eggs, potato, sweet potato, ghee, boiled potato these foods are contain high calories and help to increase weight except them you can give everything which you cook in your kitchen.Offer a healthy snack between breakfast and lunch and dinner. Some examples of a good, healthy snack are a piece of light fried or roated paneer, a piece of fruit like banana or apple or any other, a small idli (suji aur rice), baked potato withsome butter or few drops of desi ghee (aloo) tikki, a small vegetable cutlet or breadstick..
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Question: My baby not eating anything what should I do plz 😢😢😢
Answer: Hi dear. babies like a bit more in the company of others you are supposed to give company to your baby while eating and also by colourful and attractive place for your baby which will help in a rising interest in food and also offer new new dishes you are not supposed to repeat dishes very often .. encourage physical activity in your baby because it will Trigger hunger . you should offer finger food for example small pieces of a banana or any other soft food . this is the summer so it could be the reason of your baby not eating well so I would suggest you to offer cold food for example fruit custard curd yoghurt homemade ice cream milkshake .. I hope these things will help you
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Question: my daughter is not eating anything what should I do
Answer: Hi Dear, Generally most kids will not showing interest about food. Being a mom we have to be patiently and give proper diet. Make some varieties which she likes more. Kids will eat Different rice items like vegetable kichidi, lemon rice, puliogra. You can give nuts, peanuts slightly fry in ghee . It will be very tasty. Include fruits....mix all fruit pieces with colorful they will show interest for eating. Prepare some sweet recipes like samia keer, badam keer. Kids will likes sweets.
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