4 months old baby

Question: My baby is not drinkin formula milk an is very irritated not sleepin also properly

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Answer: hello dear, isn't your baby drink breast milk. if your baby is exclusively feed on formula milk then maybe your baby is suffering from monotonous test or some digestion issue is there. Is your baby poop regularly? As your baby is not drinking milk properly your baby's stomach is empty and in empty stomach baby can't sleep properly. If this problem persist I will suggest you to once talk to your paediatric for a thorw check up of your baby.
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    Sadaf Mukadam644 days ago

    My baby is on both it is only 2day she is nt drinkin formula she only wants breastfeed

Answer: May be baby suffering from gastric..
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Question: My baby not drinking milk properly while sleeping also she is not sucking properly
Answer: Dear you should not breastfeed the baby while sleeping. Please sit properly and take the abbybin upright position in ur lap and then breastfeed. This is the ideal position for breastfeeding. If baby doesn't take the feed in this position the the reason could be he is teething or not well. Do not worry as any of these situation is not permanent and eventualpy due to hunger babies take the feed. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is mother feeding and formula milk also she is not drinking formula milk properly she is splitting milk what to do
Answer: Don't worry baby do many things while taking feed. So if she splits little amount of milk then it's fine and also baby prefers mother milk. And if baby won't cry, take feed properly, active playful sleep well. Weight is gaining and pee count is more than 6 then don't worry baby is healthy and getting sufficient amount of milk.
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Question: My baby is not taking formula Milk and breastfeeding also properly wat i can do to make her tummy full
Answer: For meanwhile you have to give her milk. U have no other option. Try to give her in balance. May b she has some problem in stomach.
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