3 months old baby

Question: My baby is not breast feeding about 3 4 day

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Answer: Hi dear, There could be plenty reasons for your baby to temporarily stop feeding: 1- if your baby has cold,cough or even ear infection 2- any acid reflux could be one of the reason for not feeding enough 3- baby with tight neck muscles would also refuse feeding from a particular side of breast.talk to your doctor if that happens 4-insufficient milk supply could frustrate the baby 5-any ulcer it thrush infection in mouth 6-teething issue could also make baby fussy 7- in rare cases ,taste of milk would also make baby refusing milk 8-any cream or perfume that you using could.also impact baby. Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor if you feel anything strange with your baby.
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Answer: Hello dear.. Since your baby is new born, breastfeeding is new for both you and baby, so it l take time dear, give close contact to your baby while breastfeeding, will give good latch, also dream feed your baby will help a lot
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Question: My baby is 4 day old she is not taking breast feeding nd she is sleeping what will i do
Answer: It happens dear..nothing to worry..But u keep feeding her even she is sleeping..u have to somehow feed her if she is nt taking..u can also extract the milk and feed her
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Question: My baby is not breast feeding it is becoming thin day by day,, what to do
Answer: He/she needs formula foods then, Talk to childspecialist and choose an appropriate formula food according to age.
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