2 months old baby

Question: My baby is no more.. after how many months I should plan for second baby

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Answer: Hi dear really sorry for the loss of your baby it's depends on when you lost your baby if you have lost your baby at the end term then you should take rest for at least six months and then plan for a baby but if you have lost it in the early first trimester then you can plan within your second periodic cycle that helps please stay strong take care
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Question: Hi i have 7 week miscarriage After miscarriage how many months after we should plan for baby
Answer: Hello dear Actually it is little difficult to say because some doctors are telling to try as soon as possible while some doctors are telling to wait till 3 months. Typically, sex is not recommended for two weeks after a miscarriage to prevent an infection. Talk to doctor about any recommendations or restrictions. Your period will likely return within six weeks; however, it's possible to become pregnant if you have sex before your period returns
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Question: How many years should I give gap for my second baby after C-section?
Answer: Hello Dear It's best for you to wait for at least six months after your caesarean sectionbefore becoming pregnant again. A year would be even better. The longer you leave your scar to heal, the stronger it will be.
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Question: After c section delivery how many months gap should leave and try for second baby
Answer: Hi dear. You should give your body some time to have sex again. Atleast 8 weeks. Giving atleast 2 years gap will be good for your health and your baby.
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