1 months old baby

Question: My baby is month old for increasing his weight what should I do

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Answer: Hello, as your baby is only a month old you can just give him breastfeeding ... make sure the baby is drinking at least 20 minutes of breastmilk on one side because baby can get both for milk and hindmilk which is necessary for weight gain of the baby. Hope this helps.
Answer: Hi dear For 1 month old baby breast feed is very good to gain weight..just do breast feed every 2 hours interval time...for new born babies breast milk is the best thing we can give for thier health and growth
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Question: Hii my baby is 9 months old his weight is not increasing what should i do
Answer: Hello mom breast milk is the best nutritional choice for infants,if your milk is not sufficient, as your baby is already 9months old Try to introduce puree like carrot apple sweet potato banana and home made Porridge's Mix fry fruit like pistachio cashew almonds powder in Porridge Give him small quantities of fruit juice also
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Question: Hi, my baby is 4 months old. His weight is 6. His weight is not increasing, what should i do to increase baby weight. I breastfeed baby.
Answer: Hi.. As ur baby is very small so u dont worry about his weight. If ur baby is taking proper breastfeed and is active enough then u need not to worry as he will automatically gain weight because mothers milk contains all essential nutrients
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Question: My baby is 10 month old but his weight is nt increasing what should i do.....???
Answer: Hi dear, ragi ( finger millet)kanji is good for weight gain, use with milk and sugar once per a day.. or we can prepare health mix take 25gm each(rice, wheat, finger millet, groundnut,badam, cashew,pista,pearl millet,corn, green gram, cardamom,sukku,roasted gram, peanuts,)all should roasted and grain it. Then we take one tablespoon of grained powder dissolved in water, and boil for 2min add milk and sugar, it will given in eve time too healthy
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