4 months old baby

Question: My baby is latherhgic and refusing to take milk from bottle.

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Question: Can i give milk from small glass to my 4 month old baby.. He is refusing bottle n breast milk
Answer: It is not at all safe to give your baby milk from glass as your baby is only four months old. You can spoon feed your baby. But make sure you are giving are the best formula milk don't give cow milk or any other animal milk to baby less than 1 year age. It is possible that your baby is starting teething period that's why they refusing feeding and sucking. Is this continuous for more than two to three days then consult with your child's padeatric.
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Question: My baby is refusing to take milk from two days please suggest me what to do
Answer: May b baby have ear pain better consult a doctor. If he is crying continues just touch his ears ND c wthr he s crying or not
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Question: My baby is refusing to take formula milk through bottle, even through spoon
Answer: Hello mom, My doctor told me not to use bottles. use tumbler or spoon.
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