34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby is in cephalic position. Am 33 weeks pregnant.. When will be delivery mam

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Answer: Hello dear After 37 weeks you can feel labour pain anytime. It could be start earlier and later your due date. Labour pain is a natural process. There is not a fix time to start, you can consider around your due date.
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Question: In 29 week my baby position is cephalic now I am 33 weeks what is my baby position?
Answer: Hello dear Cephalic presentation, once attained, did not change after the 33rd week. If ur baby is in cephalic position in 33 weeks there is no possibility that ur baby will change position after that. With regard to breech presentation, changes are possible even up to the 36th week.
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant and my baby is in breech position.. When will it come to head down position? Do I have chances for normal delivery?
Answer: S Wait upto the date Walk more Use staircase Do exercise squats pelvic
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Question: Am 33 weeks and my baby is in head down position..when can i expect delivery?
Answer: Hi dearit doesnt depends on just the babies position there are many oghe pactors that are also responsible for delivery, like dialation of cervix, maturity of placents, head getting fixed etc. And since you are just in 33 weeks its too early to expect delivery. As lungs of baby arent matured now they mature by 36th weeks. And labour can be expected any time after 36th week to 40 weeks.
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