31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby is in breech presentation. Is there anything to worry about that??

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Answer: Hello dear, breech position of your baby means baby's head towards your chest facing towards your back. In this presentation normal delivery is very difficult & should avoid. As you are in your 31st week there is a chance that may baby changes its position. if not then you have to go as per your gynac directed.
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Question: Breech baby in 21weeks will be ok in coming weeks..is there anything to worry
Answer: hie, no dear you have nothing to worry about all is well, there is enough room for your baby to move and hence he would probably keep changing positions it is around week 32 that the space is reduced and chances are if your baby is at breech post 32 he might not change position however there are instances of bby changing position at 36 as well so dont worry let the baby enjoy summersaults while you continue the good job of nourishing him well
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Question: I have headache... Is there any remedy for that???Is there anything to worry about?
Answer: Headache is one of the most common discomfort experienced during pregnancy. It may occur any time most commonly during first and third trimesters due to your body experiences a surge of hormones and increase in blood volume. Other causes of headaches during pregnancy are lack of sleep, stress, eye strain, depression, hunger, dehydration etc. Practice good posture Get plenty of rest and relaxation. Spend few minutes lying in a dark,quiet room. Put an ice pack or cold compress on the back of your neck for 20 minutes while you relax. Drink plenty of fluids Massaging your shoulders and neck is an effective way to relieve pain. If you having sinus headaches: Try steam inhalation to relieve congestion Apply hot and cold compresses alternatively 30 seconds of each for a total of 10 minutes, 4-5 times a day. You can also prevent headaches: 1.The low blood sugar that results from skipping meals can trigger a headache.so make sure that you eat on time. 2.Some foods including chocolate,cheese, ice cream, processed meats, french beans, urad dal and other gassy foods can trigger headaches.so avoid them. 3.In pregnancy if you are giving up coffee or tea or soda then go slow. Give up coffee or tea or soda day by decreasing the quantity. Exercise or some breathing exercises or taking prenatal yoga class or meditation or anything that will help you in relax will prevent stress from headache.
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Question: my dr told me today that there is a blood clot in gestational sac..is there anything to worry about?
Answer: Dnt worry repeat the scan after few weeks. The hematoma will likely vanish.
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