13 months old baby

Question: My baby is having vomitings when i give her night food once she has, she is vomiting, what can be the reason as she has this only at night?

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Question: My baby is 155days old..she has motion problem since last month..she ll poop fr two days once..can I give her banana as first solid food???
Answer: Yes u can start her solid food with banana and apple
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Question: Hi all... I'm 13 weeks pregnant and vomitings has been started from 3days. Before I don't have any vomitings and vomiting sensation. What would be the reason for this vomitings as started suddenly from 3days. Is there any issue.
Answer: During pregnancy You will experience morning sickness dear.. It's totally normal to go through vomitings Sometimes some people experience it through out their pregnancy Some till 20 weeks as every pregnancy is different. Hope I helped you. There is nothing to worry :)
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Question: My baby boy is having loose motion from past 3 days.. what may be the reason? What will be the solution? Can i give food normally as i have before or have to give any particular food?
Answer: Hi,if your baby has loose motions than that means some food has not suited the baby .you should try this. Give promegranate juice Give apple juice Rice water Sabudana water This will help the baby in loose motions If this doesent help you should consult your Dr
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