4 months old baby

Question: My baby is having small white spot on cheek and on the shoulder ....Why is it occuring..??What should I do to stop it...??

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Question: Hello...my baby is having a red spot on his back shoulder and some head part also...first it red then become a white spot...what is it
Answer: Hello,,if its frm d birth dan dont wry it may remove automatically,my daughter has also a red birth mark..but slowly it vanished it self,,but though if u have any doubt consult a child spclst,😊
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Question: Hello I want to konw that my 50 days old baby has black spot ( kaala daag) on left cheek what should I do? N why is it?
Answer: Hello! There are some birth marks or spots on the skin which is not avoidable. Please do not do anything to it. Let it be there,sometimes as baby grows these go away. . Take care
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Question: My baby is 4 months old ... He has little white spot on his cheek from last week... What should i do... Or consult the doc . Tjanks in advance
Answer: May it is from born... No problem.... Because may baby also like that at stomach
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