3 months old baby

Question: My baby is having loose motions continuously (diaherea) i visited doctor twice but medicines have no effect on him can u plz suggest me any remedy

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Question: My daughter having lose motions from last 15 days .....I tried many medicines but no favrable results...any 1 plz help me wd home remedy if u hv..!!
Answer: Hello! Ideally, your daughter is on milk now if she is of 4 months. A breast fed baby will have watery stools and that too it can be 12-15 times. There is nothing to worry about it. Hopefully the medicine given to your baby has been prescribed by the doctor only. I would also suggest to take your baby to a good doctor as a 4 months old baby should not be given anything apart from milk.
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Question: My baby having loose motions from three days we consulted doctor giving medicines from three days but no use pls suggest any home remedy
Answer: Hi dear.. check if the teething process has been started. Some babies experience motions, vomitings, fever while teething.. feed banana to ur baby.. u can give sabudhana water, pomogranate juice, coconut water, ORSL to ur little one..
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Question: My baby is having loose motions from last five days. Gave him medicines but there is no improvement.
Answer: Give him plenty of water. And keep body hydrated. As early as possible you just consult a doctor.
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