11 months old baby

Question: My baby is having diarrhea with vomiting. Along with medicine what can be done at home

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Answer: Hi dear U can increase more liquids in ur babies diet.The loose motions and vomiting cause dehydration especially during summer. As the stomach is upset babies will not be ready to eat any food . hence it is gud to give more liquid diet.u can include 1.coconut water 2 barley 3.buttermilk 4.yogurt or curd 5.any kind of soups. 6.fruit juices and fresh fruits 7.Avoid milk during motions as it is hard to digest
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Question: Can i take homeopathic medicine along with my allopathic medicine?
Answer: hi no dear you should I will take homeopathy or allopathic because allopathic is a very strong medicine and homeopathy was slowly and is very mild in nature if you will use allopathic and homeopathy both then homeopathy will have no affect.
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Question: Along with medicine what are home remedies for hemangioma
Answer: Hi dear, you should not worry too much as it will be fine with medicine. Here are few tips. Hope it will help You can apply the apple cider vinegar on your marks or on the haemangioma or get a cloth, deepen it into the apple cider vinegar solution and place it over the haemangioma spot. Let this work on the affected area for 30 minutes. Tea tree oil has amazing nutritional and anti fungal properties which are extremely nod immensely beneficial for haemangioma. It stops this mark to spread, to increase and remove it from the roots. Apply tea tree oil regularly on this mark and you would be able to identify the notable difference in a very short span of time. Use this remedy to get gradual but effective results. Coconut oils and various essential oils are beneficial for the cure of this probIem. There are people with this problem who have experimented with this technique and have succeeded. The effects of this remedy maybe slow and gradual but are effective. Thus try this remedy and get rid of those undesired haemangioma.
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Question: Hi, my baby 18months old infected with diarrhea since two days.. pls suggest what type of food and medicine can be given to stop diarrhea...
Answer: If baby is suffering from diarrhoea then which show that you are doing good amount of water to your baby so that your baby doesn't gets dehydrated also give a baby moong dal khichdi aur banana to have a because this helps in controlling diarrhoea if diarrhoea doesn't gets control within two days please consult your doctor regarding this
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