4 months old baby

Question: My baby is going to complete 4 months.... Completely on breastfeeding...no any additional milk... How many feeds she required per day and night..... She will drink long gap.... means 4 to 5 hourly once... Is it k r I need to change her feeding pattern...?

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Answer: You need to breast feed your baby in every two hours, and one nursing session should last for 25 to 30 minutes.. If child is not taking feed properly, then see a pediatrician once, and you can also introduce formula feed to your baby.
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Question: My baby sleeps from 11 pm to 7 am straight without any feeding...is this fine? Or do i need to wake her up for feeding? If its so how many night feeding it needs? . I thought if i wake her up in the middle of the night her sleeping pattern will change.
Answer: It's not at all fine, u have to feed the baby for every 2-3hrs, if the baby doesn't wake up by itself then u have to wake him up for feed, if the baby is not fed then babies throat will become very dry.. Don't worry about the sleep pattern, baby will not get disturbed, it will sleep by itself while feed.
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Question: My baby turned 6 months old. Has always been breastfeeding. She feeds many a times at night too. How to change this habit of night feeding ?
Answer: We cannot change upto 1yr after one yr u can can decrease the frequency If u have less breast milk then give cow milk or powder milk as ur wish. But don't stop feeding if they need
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Question: My little one has entered into 6th month. Yet to start with solid food, still breastfeeding is going on. Can i start to give water (in feeding bottle on daily basis) for my baby to drink? Bit confused as i heard additional water is not required as mothers milk has sufficient water content and if we use feeding bottle, then baby start ignoring breastfeed. Please suggest.Thank you!
Answer: U can give water, milk in feeding bottle... Babies wont ignore mother's milk even though they drink from feeding bottle
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