5 months old baby

Question: My baby is four and a half month old... His teeth have started coming out so when should I start Calcium for him

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Question: My baby is 11 month old now she have four teeth .Which month started to breshing...?
Answer: Hi dear, I have started brushing my baby's teeth at 18 months as she had more teeth at that time and it was more easy to do it :)
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Question: Hii mam my baby boy is 15 month , should i give calcium for teeth ,he has only four teeth only
Answer: At 4 to 7 months Teething begins. First, two bottom teeth start to appear at the same.at 8 to 12The upper middle teeth begin to emerge and become visible.at 9t o 16 The teeth in the middle start to emerge.at 13 to 19 The baby gets the first molars along the top and bottom.at 16 to 23 It is time for the sharp and pointed teeth known as the canines.at 23 to 31 The second molars along the bottom appear.at 25 to 33The second molars along the top appear.
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Question: When should I start brushing my babies teeth.. She is now one and half year old
Answer: As soon as your baby's teeth come up. Use soft silicon brush. You can also buy it from online shopping sites. Just write 'brush for babies'. Fisher price also sale it. Dont use the brushes with plastic handles like the 1 we use.
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