1 months old baby

Question: My baby is feeding bt his tummy is nt getting full ....y so

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Question: my baby get sleep while feeding..but suck nipple.dont know his tummy gets full or not
Answer: Hello Mommy.. U can check these to know if your baby is getting enough milk Your baby seems relaxed and satisfied after a feeding. Your baby continues to gain weight after gaining back the weight he initially lost after birth. Your baby will have a lot more wet diapers. Your baby may have less frequent bowel movements once he's a month old or skip bowel movements for several days now and then. Hope this helps you :)
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Question: My 2 month baby sometimes demands milk frequently. Is it like his tummy is not getting full frm nursing?
Answer: Dear small babies do demand feed frequently because there digestion is very small and with every pee there tummy gets empty. So dont worry but if you think that breastmilk is not sufficient for baby then you can consult with doctor and start formula milk for your baby.
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Question: Trying to conceive.. bt nt getting results..y
Answer: Consult the doctor.. if u r weight gain mean then so many probms for concieving the baby . Plz u can diet property . All the best tc 👍
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