3 months old baby

Question: My baby is crying from two hours without any reason plz help me somebody with any suggestions

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Answer: Check for stomach ache...touch his tummy fir he cry means he has stomach ache......
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    shalini kant834 days ago

    Put some hing( desolve in watet) on his navel

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Question: My baby is always crying.....plz tell me any suggestions
Answer: Hello dear Hunger is one of the most common reasons why your baby will cry , especially if she's a newborn. The younger your baby is, the more likely it is that she's hungry. Your baby's stomach is small and can't hold very much. So it won't take long before she needs another feed.
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Question: From two days my baby is crying too much mam wat might be the reason i dont know . Give me any suggestions
Answer: Hie Babies cry mostly in the following cases 1. They are hungry Always feed your baby before they cry for it take the cue they put hands in mouth pull ears or look around 2. They are over stimulated A lot of development is happy inside your tiny baby and hence lots of rest is required as well 3 . To sleep They can't put themselves to sleep in this new environment and need your help 4. Body ache As they are pretty much lying on the bed most of the time body pain is given Massage your baby 2-3 times a day and stretch his arms and legs this would releive gas,body ache , strengthen bones and improve blood circulation 5. Indigestion Wat you eat may have traces in your breast milk gas triggers, sour fruits and food difficult to digest should be avoided while breastfeeding as it may lead to indigestion, vomiting or loose motion in babies 6 gas As they don't perform much of activity gas can be a problem in babies Always burp them after feed and keep them upright for 15-20 mins While massaging your baby massage his tummy well and give bycycle legs to pass gas if any If baby is crying and pulling legs towards stomach it is probably due to gas apply a thin paste of hing and water around baby's naval area , rub your hands to create warmth and apply your hand on his stomach area 7. Constipation It is common among breast feeding baby to poop after every feed or post 4 days Beyond 4 days is a concern ensure you offer extra breast feed to avoid constipation and massage your babys tummy 2-3 times a day to relieve constipation or gas troubles 
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Question: Sometimes my baby is crying more during breastfeeding.i don't know what's the reason. Somebody plz help me
Answer: Baby is only 2 month so it's absolutely normal for baby to not sleeping at night but crying can be because of Hunger so feed baby frequently at night and if after feeding still baby cries then this can be a sign of colic. Generally a colicky baby will start to show signs btw 2 and 4weeks old. Colic is defined as 3 or more hours of crying, 3 or more days a week for at least 3weeks. These babies cry for long periods of time, inconsolably, as if they are in pain. Reflux,gas and food sensitivities can all cause this type of behavior. So to give relief to baby Placeyour baby face-down on your lap or upright with his tummy against your shoulder, or baby liesface down with his belly resting on your arm. Then gently rub or pat her back as you hold him. Moreover, the touch or the skin-to-skin contact of each other calm and soothes both the babyand the mother.Burp your baby after every feed. Pat on the back to make the baby burp.Colicky babies respond well to movements. Carrying, rocking and dancing the baby might relaxhim a bit.always consult your doctor before offering any medication to the baby and before making anychanges in the diet of both you and your baby. Colic might be caused because of some allergy,so it's better to get it checked by doctor..
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