2 months old baby

Question: My baby is almost 2 months old and it has bow leg, the lower part of leg below knee got curved, is there anything I can do to straighten them?

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Question: How can I get rid from bow leg in babies. My daughter has bow leg & age is 1 year 2 months. Pls suggest.
Answer: My baby also suffered from the problem of now legs and my doctor advised me to give enough calcium rich food to my baby so I daily give curd and milk to my baby and also added cheese in her daily diet, my doctor also give calcium supplements so you can also a start calcium supplements for your baby by Consulting a good doctor and massage your baby's legs well. If the bow is not very severe then it will go by its own with the passage of time when your baby will start walking properly because my babies bow was not ready severe and it get cured by its own . still I would advise you to go for a check up at least once in order to seek your doctor's advice.
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Question: My baby one leg, lower the knee part of red type of dots present. What i do?
Answer: Hi dear.. that might be any mosquito bites. Apply coconut oil on the spots.. check if the babies having itching or irritation. if their rashes are becoming worse than consult your doctor once.. make sure to keep the baby bed clean. Heat coconut oil with few camphor and a apply it on your baby body before sleep
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Question: My 2 months old baby's leg bones are curved below knees.is it normal?
Answer: Hi dr, It is normal for every new born to have curved legs. They wil became straight as they grow up. Massage ur baby's legs and thighs with coconut oil r almond oil or baby oil regularly before u give bath. Hold ur baby's legs and massage like pedaling a cycle. This helps his/her leg to become straight. Happy day!
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