5 months old baby

Question: My baby is abt to b 5 months .. he poops in 5-6 days.. is it normal??

2 Answers
Answer: Yes it is normal for exclusively breastfeed babies. My daughter also used to poop after every 3 to 4 days and sometimes took a week to poop. It is normal and there is nothing ti be worried if the baby is not having any discomfort or gas pain. Hope it helps.
Answer: Dont worry mam it is normal .
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Question: My 1month baby poops 5-6 in a day it is normal or not
Answer: Yes dear, it is completely normal. Newborns can poop more than 10 times in a day and it is completely normal so don't worry.
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Question: My baby poops 5-6 times daily ...is it normal??
Answer: Hi! Babies who are breast fed poop many times a day N some times doesn't poop for days it's completely normal ...but if ur baby is on formula milk then it's necessary to keep a track on how many times it poops one to two poops a day is fine with such babies..and if they don't poop for a day mite b constipation...
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Question: My baby poops 5-6 times a day... is it normal.. she is 23 days old
Answer: Hi dear... Yes it's quite normal and it takes time to get regular timings.. so don't worry. Happy motherhood
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