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Question: My baby is 9months old.. She is not eating anything..i am trying to feed her everything.. I tried cerelacs. She was liking it for few days. Then i started giving her doodh roti in the morning.. Gullati rice in lunch.cerelacs in the night. She cries alot while eating. As soon as i stop she gets happy. She just loves milk but not any of the solid.. What can i do?? She is very active but quite less weight around 8kg. Plz any suggestions..

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Answer: hello dear, eating solid food is important from six months for the proper development of your baby's health . sometimes few baby shows the tantrums in eating solid foods but don't bribe your baby & dont force your baby but try not to give milk more than 3 times a day. you tried all the items which is sweet in taste I will suggest you stop giving sugary things to a 9 month old baby instead of that try giving your babysome savoury teast food like raagi Upma, suji upma poha,dalia at brkfast. If your baby had problam in swalloing these item, try softer version. For lunch you can try dal chawal or Khichdi if you ae non vegetarian then go for chicken stew, fish curry or meat stew. For evening snacks you can try flavoured Milk or plain milk . In dinner you can give a homemade Khichdi or homemade Cerelac Daliya etc. I hope if you try this diet it will help you.
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Answer: Hi.. Dear it is recommended to give breast feed or formula milk until six months.. There are females who only breast feed their baby till first six months.. I did feed my baby until one year, first six months only breast feed, then introduced semi solids (starting with dal ka pani).. With breast feed.. However, your daughter started taking bottle so it will not be difficult now, before she goes off to sleep breast feed her, when she starts closing her eyes, put bottle in her mouth (make sure that she is not full)..
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