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Question: My baby is 9 months old. He stands holding things, he tries walking with support but still dint stand on his own. Can anyone suggest me how can encourage his walking skill or develop confident in standing without support

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Answer: Hello dear, Around 10 months most babies can walk with little support and they manage to walk unassisted around their 1st birthday.  Again, some take their time and don't walk until they're 15 or 16 months old. If you wan't to help him, be patient and follow his interests to provide lots of fun opportunities. You can encourage this area of your baby's physical development by putting toys or other interesting objects in front of her – just outside her reach. But watch out, once babies can stand effectively they will also successfully attempt to walking.
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Question: My daughter is 14 months old ...she is still not walking or standing on her own...she stands or walks inly with support...plz suggest
Answer: Hie Don't worry Every baby takes his own time to achieve milestone Encourage your baby to take the big steps Be on your knees to maintain eye contact and encourage by calling upon or offering s toy Slowly and gradually your baby would take the big plunge Massage your baby frets twice a day with almond oil it help strengthen bones
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Question: My baby is 14mnth old....but he is not walking even he stands only a few secs without support...how can i encourage him to walk
Answer: Hi If your toddler is developing normally in other ways, it might be that she/he just hasn't had enough encouragement or opportunity. Limit the use of baby walkers and bouncers which can prevent leg muscles from fully developing.Delay introducing shoes until your baby walks well inside. Walking barefoot improves balance and coordination.Child proof your home and allow your baby to walk in a safe and familiar environment.When your baby is cruising along furniture, challenge them by increasing the distance between each piece of furniture, as possible, to encourage your baby to take small steps.When your baby is close to independent walking, walk your child with support everywhere until they can do it on their own. Walking is a mindset for your child.When holding your baby’s hand, bring your hand down lower to lessen the support you are providing. This will help build endurance, balance, and confidence in your baby. It is absolutely fine for baby to walk till 18 months as every baby reach to milestone in different ages. So stay calm and positive.
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Question: My baby girl is 15 months old but still doesn't walk without support she stands few seconds without support can walk holding things but doesn't walk on her own
Answer: Hello dear You should massage ur baby regularly her legs. Massage build your bones nd muscle healthy nd stronger.if ur baby standing with support there is nothing to worry. . But ur baby didn't respond you take advice ur doctor
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