8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 9 month .she has fewer..which food can i give her

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Answer: Avoid foods that are harder to digest... Give her milk.. Oats porridge.. Apple.. Etc... Give lots of water.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old .she has loose motion from afternoon.what can I give her.
Answer: Encourage to take plenty of liquids-water,ORS,tender coconut water,etc Ensure that she is passing urine every 6-8 hours Give idli,rice kanji,green banana khichdi if loose stoold persist beyond three days or if there is fever,please consult your pediatrician.
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Question: Which food can I give my 9 month old baby ????
Answer: Hie Include the following in your babys diet Offer him homemade yogurt from full fat milk  twice a day Include oats in his daily diet sneak it in his fruit puree or yogurt or make a porridge according to your baby preference Give him one egg yolk  everyday egg includes a variety of nutrients and helps in weight gain too Include banana , apple, pear , avocados in your babys daily diet Add a spoon of ghee to your baby meal Include one of these Sweetpotato ,cheese,potato in his daily diet . Introduce sathmavu mix in your babys diet  Add dryfruit powder to your babys milk . Ensure he has meal at the interval of 4 hours. However remember weight is just number . Immunity and activeness matters the most  Ensure your baby sleeps for 9-12 hours at night And 2 hours of mid morning and 2-3 hours of afternoon sleep and sleep is much needed for growth and development .
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Question: Which food can I give my 9 month old baby????
Answer: Hi dear. you can give a moong dal khichdi Rice Water , Ragi porridge, homemade Cerelac Apple juice , pomegranate juice mashed banana matched mashed chikoo and breast milk
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