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Question: My baby is 9 month 2days ,,pls suggests diet chart nd enko bohot cold lagahai so kaya du ki jaldi tik ho jaye,,,

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Answer: Hello dear. Cold ke liye aap baby ko dalchini aur honey ka paste dijiye din mein 3 baar baby thik ho jayega. Below are some type of foods which u can give to ur baby are Pureed vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash), Pureed fruit (apples, bananas, peaches), Pureed meat (chicken, pork, beef), Semi-liquid, iron-fortified cereal, Small amounts of unsweetened yogurt (no cow's milk until age 1) Some finger food favorites: O-shaped toasted oat cereal; small chunks of banana or other very ripe, peeled fruit like mango, plum, pear, peach, cantaloupe, or seedless watermelon; small cubes of tofu; well-cooked pasta spirals, cut into pieces; thin cheese strips or very small chunks of cheese; cut-up seedless grapes ... Most pediatricians recommend starting your infant on Yogurt around 7-8 months of age. Some pediatricians also recommend yogurtas a great first food (from 6 months+). Selecting a Whole Milk Yogurt is the most beneficial to your infant as babies need fats in their diets for proper growth. You can give ur baby a variety of food but in a puree or porridge state. Breakfast idly with breast milk or formula upma Roti with milk or formula mashed dosa mashed Snack boiled apple mashed banana puree vegetable soup diluted fresh fruit juices ragi milk ghee sugar Lunch dal rice mashed khichdi sooji kheer cerelac or nestum Snack whole grain puffs mashed potatoes tossed in butter peach puree Dinner should always be light as hard carbohydrate like wheat ragi dal can cause indigestion or loose motions Give sooji kheer nestum or cerelac by 8 pm u can keep feeding ur baby breast milk or formula as needed between the meals. Be sure to use alot of ghee as fats and oils help in gaining weight. Hope i helped.
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Question: Pls say the diet chart for baby during cold nd cough..
Answer: Hello dear, Many parents are worrout what to feed during cold, cough in kids as children has lack of appetite during this phase. But a wholesome small meals and easily digestible diet is recommended to fight the infection and recover well. Talk to your baby’s doctor on these food options and plan a diet.... For baby’s younger than 6 months, only breastfeeding or formula feeding is recommended during cold, cough and fever. For babies above 6 months, Give small and frequent meals.Prefer easily digestible foods, no oily & spicy foods... Don’t force the baby to eat, instead try to offer the foods he/she prefers.... Make sure to give enough fluids like water, warm soups, fresh fruit juices (made with lukewarm water) in order to prevent the baby from dehydration.... Give your toddler ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) if your pediatrician prescribed the same. DRINKS OR BEVERAGES: 1. Breastfeeding (0 Months+) : 2. Barley Water (6 Months+): 3Rice water (6 Months+): 4. Turmeric Milk with pepper & palm candy (1 year +): 5. Dry ginger coffee or chukku kappi (2 years +): 6. Besan halwa (10 Months +): Soups: 7. Vegetable Clear Soup (8 Months+): 8. Chicken Clear Soup (9 Months+): 9. Vegetables Dal Soup (7 Months+): 10. Mutton bone clear Soup/lamb trotter soup (9 Months+): 11. Apple & Carrot Soup (6 Months+): 12. Tomato Soup (8 months +) 13. Mushroom Soup (1 years +):  Fruits and Vegetables 14. Stewed Apple (6 Months+): 15. Steamed Mashed Kerala Bananas (6 Months+): 16. Pomegranates Juice  (6 Months+): 17. Mashed white Potatoes (8 Months+): 18. Sweet Potatoes (6 Months +): 19. Broccoli (8 Months +): 20. Carrots  (6 Months+) 21.citrus fruits (10 Months +) 22. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables: Serving suggestions:... Offer fruits as puree or cut fruits or make juice with lukewarm water or as smoothie with coconut milk.... Offer vegetables as steamed or mashed. Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C:... Oranges, lemon, kiwi, Muskmelon,Papaya, Gouva, Mango, Amla, Pineapple, Watermelon, Berries (including strawberry, blue berries, cranberries etc) Vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C: White potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Turnips, Bell peppers, Tomatoes, green peas Wholesome & Filling Foods: 23. Moong dal Khichdi (7 Months+): 24. Curd Rice (8 Months+): 25. Oatmeal Porridge (8 Months+): 26. Dalia Porridge (8 Months+): 27. Sabudhana (7 Months+): 28. Idli or Steamed Dosa (8 Months+): 30. Rice Porridge (6 Months+): 31. Poha with warm milk ( 1 year +): 32. Suji Upma (8 Months+): Foods to avoid during cold and cough:... Avoid citrus fruits if your child has sore throat.... Avoid milk if your baby is on antibiotics and doctor advised the same.... Sweetened drinks or carbonated drinks like soda... Tamarind... Dry fruits and nuts... Refined Sugar... Sweets... Spicy and oily foods Important Note:  Consult with your doctor as soon as possible if your baby’s cough is wheezy and has ear infection.... Check with your doctor immediately if your baby is dehydrated, as dehydration leads to dangerous effects. Doctor may help you to determine the cause of the problem and treat it.... Avoid honey, milk, salt or sugar for babies below one year.... Always check with your pediatrician before including any food in your baby’s diet.... Hope it helped Take care ur little one....
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Question: diet chart for 9 month old baby pls
Answer: Hii dear u can give home made mashed food to ur baby. Do give 3 times proper diet to ur baby.this is the time from when baby get the habit of having proper meals in a day. In below list i m giving u different options for per day.choose any of DeSe per schedule At 8:00 or whatever be baby wake up time u can give breast or formula milk. At 9:30 Banana porridge Barley porridge Oats banana porridge Suji kheer At 11 am Egg yolk Panner cube Bread slice Fruits but do avoid citrus fruit till 1 year of age At 1 pm when baby wake up after nap Pumpkin khichdi Lauki khichdi Rice and mixed vegetable Egg yolk and rice Potato and carrot khichdi At 3 pm u can offer any fruit juice or milk At 6 pm Panner piece Carrot stripe Potato.stripe Beetroot stripe Suji or besan halwa Cerelac At 8 pm Rawa idli Potato khichdi Plain khichdi Roti soaked in daal At sleeping time give breastmilk or formula milk.u can change the timing as per ur baby schedule but so offer DeSe no. Of full.meal.
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Question: Pls tell me diet chart of 9 month baby
Answer: Hi mommy, when my baby was at same age i followed this chart and it helped by baby to gain weight hope you can follow this diet for your little one, All the best! 8 am - bm / fm 9 am. Rava idly, oats ragi dosa, suji kheer, banana porridge, pancakes, apple puree( any one) 11 am. Bm/ fm 12 pm. Mashed banana, curd, 1 pm. Khichdi, potato and carrot khichdi, curd rice, ragi porridge, suji upma with veggie 3 pm. Bm / fm 5 pm. Any finger soft fruit, yogurt, boiled sweet potato, apple smoothy 7 pm. Uttpam, suji kheer, moong daal with rice, raw banana porridge, barley cereal, wheat cereal Quantity. Liquid 3 to 4 spoon Thick food 3 to 4 spoon Fruit. (Half one time )
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