7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 8th month old. She gets up 3 times in the night for feeding. When can I start weaning at night.. And how can I do it

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Answer: Hello! Night weaning cannot be done unless day weaning is not there as the baby will still have the habit. Hence I would suggest just hold on and continue for some more months, then you can slowly wean your baby. Take care
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    Chinmayee Biswal837 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: My baby is 6th month.. She still gets up for feeds 3 times in the night... Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear! Oh yes its all normal fr a 5 month old, whatever milk they drink they pee and becomes hungry again, and feeds, as because they hv not started solid yet, u need to feed the baby often at night also.. Hope this helps!
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Question: my daughter is 2.5 months old. normally play whole day and sleep at night. gets up twice for feeding. when she will start sleeping for whole night. I feel tired for getting up in night.
Answer: it's too early to think of that dear. it's a long journey and very difficult. baby will get up in night even after one year or later till 2 years.
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Question: My baby doesnt get up many times at night.. I feed her at 11pm.. Later she gets up at 3 am and again at 6 am.. Only 2 times she gets up at ngt.. Is it ok?
Answer: Yes it completely alright. 2-3 hours gap in feeding is ok
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