8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 8 months old and has breathlessness at night and wakes up and cries.earlier had cold

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Answer: Hi dear you are 8 months old baby is hard colds before few days it is common for the baby to wake up at night but even if there is no cold or cough then also it is common for the babies because if the baby is breastfed then please feed the baby for a sound sleep this is going to be there for sometime and then after sometime baby will sleep at a stretch but it can happen due to a lot of reason like it can be due to cold and cough that the baby had a it can be due to growth spurt in which babies get a sleep regression and they do not want to sleep or intermittently It Breaks and baby wakes up so these are common .. Hope this helps...
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Answer: All babies a do like that . Their is nothing to worry . After a few months it will be normal take care
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Question: My baby is five months old and she wakes up frequently at night even after feeding her full
Answer: Don't worry it happened to me also, after a week or two she'll be alright. It may be a growth sprout. She wakes up and asleep if u carry her to feed, then u let her sleep after a few minutes she'll wake that gives a headache but don't take it seriously and enjoy the mommy moment... 😇
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Question: 6 months baby wakes up at night frequently. Why?
Answer: 1st ur baby is hungry 2nd check daipers if u r using daipers in n8..becoz babies r doing loo again n agin daipers get heavy becoz of loo u must change it..my baby is also wakes up at n8 i keep on checking do this it will help u
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